Hello everyone.  I’ve darted from all of the social network web sites out there because either the inappropriate material, inconceivable interpretations by various readers, or the potential hazards that plague using such sites.  As I approach my midlife crisis, yeah I can see it coming, I want to document some of the adventures and activities that occur in my life.  Not necessary a bitch session, but more of a track through the days.  We don’t plan on posting everyday, or every week for that matter, but when something interest (at least we think it may be interesting) occurs, well we want to share it with our friends and family.

I am not going to sit and make sure the grammar or spelling is perfect, or I am properly using a pronoun or verb in a sentence.  This is here just to document what I’ve done.  Of course, my wife may come back and edit it, those English majors can’t help it.  We hope that you are somewhat entertained by the post, but if not, I know we’ll enjoy posting them..along with the pictures.

Please feel free to leave a comment, but it isn’t necessary.  Hope to see you around.

Sean & Rachel