I sent my bike for its 1000 miles service and to get the “WE OWE” parts from my initial purchase put on, this was last Thursday.  Well today, Monday, I was able to pick it up.  I have a new Stage 1 kit, highway pegs, and complete service done on my bike and it sounds as good as it looks.

The weather has been shifting and mini-storms have been sprouting up everywhere, but I checked and everything is cleared all the way back to Germantown from Laurel.  So I hopped on and off I went.  I stopped for some gas before tucking BB (Big Bitch) away for the night, and as I was pulling into the garage, Lexi’s bicycle handlebars grabbed the front faring.  Well that pulled the front wheel shifting the weight. I tried to compensate, but things moved too fast and she started to roll to the left.  I tried to stop her, but there was no stopping gravity when pulling on 900lbs.

I couldn’t leave the bike like this.  I had two options. Option one, get a for sale sign and place it on the bike.  Not fond of that one since I just got the damn thing.  Option two, get it back on it’s wheels.  I decided that option two was the better options, so now to figure out how to do that.  I had Rachel and Lexi around.  No neighbors to help, then it hit me.  The videos I watched on YouTube about how to right a downed bike.  Well I figured here is my chance to try it out….if it doesn’t work, then I could go get a neighbor.

I used the techniques from the video and in seconds I had the bike back up right, jiffy stand down, and I did it alone (Rachel and Lexi watching).  I am actually proud of myself, but thought it would be something good that all riders should know…hell even the passengers should know this technique.  I’ve included a couple of videos, and I think everyone should try it out.  Stop yelling.  I’m not saying just lay your bike over….well, okay yes I am, but being prepared before you do.

Get about a two foot long piece of clear PVC piping, and split it down the middle.  Cut into sections and place it along contact points on your bike.  Places that will contact the ground potentially leaving a scratch.  You could also move it to the grass in your yard, and with a couple of friend’s help, lean the bike over so it is rest on its own.  Now use the techniques from the video and you’ll be impressed with your abilities and the fear of laying the bike down just got a little smaller.

Happy riding.