Generally I don’t participate in public opinions because we all know what they say about opinions.  However, I have decided to speak out about a topic that has been plaguing my mind: same-sex marriage and the bible. Over the years we, as Americans, have been endowed with numerous rights, one being freedom of speech; we are all, in fact, entitled to say just about anything we like and that is a powerful liberty to possess.  Soldiers today continue to fight to maintain our rights and the rights of others.  If you look around the world at other countries, you can see the limitations set upon them: many are limited on what they can say, what they can watch on television and the Internet, and how many children they can have.  We, however, are not oppressed with such limitations.  Of course, we can’t just willy-nilly do whatever we want; we have our laws that define right and wrong and a constitution that outlines exactly what a government can and cannot do; but, to point out, we live virtually free of limitations.

It was only 70 or so years ago when a person of color wasn’t permitted to use a particular bathroom or drinking fountain, or attend the same schools as whites because blacks were believed to be an inferior race. The use of certain derogatory words were common place and accepted practice, and, again, this was less than a century ago.  Unfortunately, ignorance still runs rampant as intolerance is taught based on the color of one’s skin or preferred lifestyle. Not so long ago, women were told what they could or could not do with their own bodies.  They were considered second-class citizens and not even permitted to vote or to show any opposition to a particular idea, and they were prohibited to take on jobs deemed solely as men’s work.

Alas, something new has appeared on the radar of intolerance.  It appears that people will stand up and fight against something that, in many cases, doesn’t closely affect them in order to preach immorality.  I am talking about same-sex marriage and homosexuality. I can’t believe after all that we’ve fought, bled, and died for that prejudice still rears its ugly head.

Chick-fil-A’s president has publicly condemned same-sex marriage and, in turn, homosexuality as a violation of the bible.  This single act will most certainly impact the company as a whole.  I have absolutely no problem if this individual does not agree with same-sex marriage or homosexuality; for that matter, I don’t care if anyone agrees or disagrees with same-sex marriage or homosexuality.  But when one attempts to throw the bible into the mix as proof that God condemns these practices, then we have a problem.

Let’s examine this subject a little closer, shall we.  If you open your bible and turn to Leviticus 18:22, it reads “Do not practice homosexuality; it is a detestable sin.” So according to this biblical book, a book written by man, homosexuality is a bad thing. The bible also says that I have permission to sell my youngest daughter into slavery; but if I don’t want to sell my daughter, do I have to forever remain a slave after having my ear publicly pierced with an awl? (Exodus 21:6 & 21:7)  Okay, while you ponder that question, you might also consider this: my son and I have worked on the Sabbath, so am I then permitted to kill my son and then myself, or is that something that the police would handle? (Exodus 35:2)  I love football, and I have lots of friends who love football, so what is the penalty for playing with the skin of a pig, in most cases a football, or digesting pork at the dinner table? (Leviticus 11:7)  Should many farmers be publicly executed for breeding their cattle with other types of animals, or should my neighbor be sent to jail for planting two different seeds in the same field.  One last question, should the town stone my wife to death for wearing garments woven from two different fabrics?

Of course, you can’t answer those questions and, in some cases, just considering them seems absurd.  I have posed them in order to illustrate the apparent hypocrisy involved in following certain biblical orders while ignoring others.  Taking items out of context or using only those items that are convenient is an unacceptable practice. Keep your beliefs and your opinions, but understand what you are reading and saying before you proclaim that bigotry is dictated by the bible and we should all follow it.  Who determines which sections we should follow and which should be ignored? It is simply not acceptable to follow the biblical verse regarding homosexuality but to ignore the passages regarding slavery or stoning. Anyone who is arrogant enough to believe that he or she is the one true voice of God is someone who really should be taken into custody.  If you’ve ever been to church, regardless of your domination, you will hear the clergyman or clergywoman say “..we learn..” or “..from the teachings..”, meaning that we are supposed to learn from what is written, not take the words as black and white. We are supposed to take the words from the bible and the teachings that it provides and understand the true meanings, points, and reasonings and apply these ideas to our own lives and current times in the hopes of bettering ourselves and our surroundings.  It is not God’s gavel that can be thrown down every time someone or something doesn’t go in the way we think it should.

I once heard that if we allow homosexuality, then soon we will have people having sex with animals.  Well, first, people have been having sex with animals long before we labeled homosexuality.  Second, that is the most preposterous notion I’ve ever heard.  I am completely open-minded and would welcome any imperial data, fact, or documentation, any proof that hints that if we accept homosexuality, then soon people will have sex publicly with animals. There are groups that want the government to stand up and say that homosexuality or, more specifically, same-sex marriage is illegal and will NOT be accepted or tolerated in this country, thereby seeming to equate it to the heinous crimes of murder, child molestation, and rape. Although we want the government to intervene at times, it is important to realize that we risk moving the line of what is civil liberties for our convenience.  What if the government decides to take away our right to bear arms, or reverse Roe v Wade; hell, while they are at it, let’s just take away our freedom of speech.  Where will that line be drawn?  When do we say that the government is not permitted to infringe at this point?

I have friends and family who are gay.  I also have my relationship, which, until recently, wasn’t widely accepted because I am married to someone outside of my ethnicity.  I am permitted to do a lot in the privacy of my own home.  Where do we get the right to tell others that they are not permitted to do what they want because they are of the same gender.  No one can say that being gay or being in a same-sex marriage will undermine our country.  Will stocks fall, volcanos erupt, or streets turn to lava?  Probably not. Aside from naysayers preaching that homosexuality is bad, there isn’t a single reason to interfere with the natural evolution of this planet.  The Lord God DID NOT WRITE THE BIBLE!!  It is only a translation written by MAN.  

I say unless same-sex marriage poses a threat to the very fabric of our country, then people need to mind their own damn business.  This is just my opinion and, unfortunately, I will not patronize Chick-fil-A again.  (I really did like their food.)   If you agree, then good for you; if you don’t, then good for you.  We have a major deficit, high unemployment, and people losing their minds in movie theaters; and we also have people complaining about something that really has nothing to do with them and shouldn’t affect them.  Are our priorities becoming a little skewed because we believe that we are the only people on the planet that do things the right way?  We have segregated blacks, then women, followed by Latinos, and Muslims; and when those injustices have been overturned, ignored or forgotten, we look for new groups to torment; currently, it’s the homosexuals, following that it will be anyone who lives in an odd-numbered house, just because we can. So when will we stop?