Pretty much all seasons are the seasons for catching the seasonal illness.  The intensity of the illness may vary based on the season, but those that come over the summer are always hardest to bare as they interrupt the outdoor activities that may be planned.  During the summer there isn’t a shot to be had that may protect you from such viruses, but on the other hand, the illness is usually a head or upper respiratory cold. Nevertheless, it still stinks to catch a cold in the summer, especially just prior to or during a vacation period.  We deal and move on.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most are the people would come to work sick, knowing they are sick, but believes that they presence is required because the company will fold, lose money, collapse, or what have you, if they don’t make an appearance.  Even the President of the United State will take a sick day.  Coming to work sick increases the risk of you sharing your virus with coworkers, contaminating equipment and areas, and all along you barely address the work because your head is pounding or you are sneezing uncontrollably. Each of us in our positions are important to the company, otherwise, they would not have hired us. We are important but not irreplaceable, if you are sick, stay home keep your sickness to yourself and allow the rest of the coworkers to breath easy without the fear of catching whatever virus your internal petri dish is cooking up.

Stop with the over-exaggerated sense of duty and if you are sick, stay home.  I don’t want your cold anymore than you want it and you bring it to the office isn’t helping your coworkers avoid the virus.  If you can work from home, then do so, if not, that is why they give you sick leave.