Day 4, 5, 6 – 5/20/2014 to 5/22/2014
Start / End: Orlando, FL to Columbia, SC
Distance: 430 miles
Time: 8hr 15mins

I decided to squeeze multiple days together because overall while I was staying in Florida, nothing extraordinary happened.  I basically hung out with friends, talking, laughing, and watching them drink and smoke themselves into oblivion.  On Tuesday, I did take a trip to Tampa, just to say I’ve been there.  In Maryland, if you pass a fellow biker, it doesn’t matter what type of bike, you give, and receive, the wave.  This is done with the left hand, either displayed low below your handlebars, or higher above the bar.  This is a signal of respect, as you understand the skill required to ride the bike.  However, in Tampa, it doesn’t appear that anyone knows about this gesture.  You wave and they just ride on by.  Hell, in my case, not only did they ride on by, they also stared because I guess it is some anomaly that a guy who is my size likes to ride something other than a sportsbike.  Speaking of sportsbike, I was able to hook up with my friends JJ and Crystal, it was a blast.  I met a couple of their friends, who also love to ride.  We had an opportunity to go out riding, and for a little bit, JJ and I switched bikes.  That thing scared me to death.  I am use to cranking the throttle to gain speed, but on a bike with that much torque, cranking the throttle could potentially end in a wheelie, then I’d be in a serious mess.  Anyway, we road for a little while and I actually started to get comfortable with the bike.  I even considered buying one as a second vehicle, but that was a fleeting thought.

Sky Writer in Action

Sky Writer in Action

On Thursday it was time to head back.  I didn’t want to stay on the highway all the way back.  The slipping of my clutch is starting to grow to other gears so I didn’t want to delay my return home.  On my way home, I promised to find some beach sand and seashells for my daughter, maybe a starfish as well. I did my laundry, packed, loaded, and left around 11am.  My first stop will have to be a beach.

Seashells and a Starfish....Where?

Seashells and a Starfish….Where?

Daytona Beach, FL

Daytona Beach, FL

Stop 1: Daytona Beach – I was able to ride all the way to the beach and parked almost in the sand.  It must have looked strange watching a fully clothed guy with a storage bag walking the beach.  Yep, that was me.  I walked the beach looking for seashells.  Did I mention that the temperature jumped from the pleasant 80 degrees to the much warmer 90 degrees. I am not a fan of the beach, but honestly is was very nice.  I took a couple of pictures. After my scavenger hunt was complete, it was time for lunch, so I decided on breakfast for lunch at the IHop.  At this point, I think the temperature was nearing a million degrees, maybe a little less.  But I needed to get on the road because I had specific stopping points.

Stop 2: Jacksonville, FL – Exhausted my fuel and decided to make one last stop in Florida.

Stop 3: North of Savannah, GA – Mother Nature kept me guessing on the weather around the corner.  You know my opinion of weathermen, so it was me and my phone making predictions from the raw data.  The temperature started to fall and more clouds started forming the further north I traveled.

Stop 4: Orangeburg, GA – Fuel exhausted, and I had to deal with more rush hour traffic, however, it is nothing in comparison to what we get in Maryland.  This was just a small delay.

Stop 5: I finally made it to the Best Western just north of Columbia on Highway 77.  I wanted to get on the Blue Ridge Parkway in southern Virginia, and 77 will get me there quickly.

Day 6 ended in Columbia, SC at 8:30pm.  Partly Sunny 80, 90 degrees.  This was a long ride day.  I probably should have stopped a few hundred miles sooner, but it seemed like a good idea at first.

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